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The Men of Wisteria Lane
Take a drive down any street in suburbia. Know what you’re gonna see? A bunch of guys wearing the same expression. It’s a look that says, “Oh, crap.”

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Upper East Side - New York City - New York - USA (von Vivienne Gucwa)

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Q: Have you heard anything about the 'death row restaurant' that's opening somewhere in London? It's had a lot of backlash but I think it's pretty cool. What about you?


I looked it up and I have to say that the use of pictures of real executed prisoners as a menu is incredibly insensitive and disrespectful. These are people who have actually lost their life to the death penalty, and I’m sure their families and the families of those they’ve hurt wouldn’t be too pleased about a restaurant profiting off their pain. 

And that’s really just the most obvious part, referring to customers as ‘inmates’, using actual last meal requests that prisoners have asked for on their menu and charging and sentencing customers are all incredibly disrespectful and distasteful too. I think that theoretically it could have been a good idea if they didn’t trivialise the death penalty and the prison system to the extent that they have. 

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